Tech Skills for Job Seekers of Every Type

Think technology skills are only important for people working in IT? Think again. Technology skills are rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand hard skills for jobs of any type, blurring the line between many traditional business positions and more technology-focused IT work. Job candidates with skills and experience across a range of technical disciplines are in high demand, and brushing up on these skills will increase your value to employers while increasing the range of positions available to you.

Opening A New Call Center? 3 Features You Should Look For In Call Center Software

If you are opening a new call center one important thing to purchase is the call center software. Having the right software will be beneficial for your employees, your customers, and you. To help you, below are three features you should look for when choosing the software for your company. Ability to Queue the Calls You never know when all your agents are going to be busy and not be able to immediately answer the phone.

Want to Know What Your Kid Flushed Down the Drain? Sewer Inspections Can Help

Kids; they do the strangest things for reasons adults will never understand. When your kid suddenly develops an affinity for throwing items in the toilet and flushing them or sends things down an open sink drain, it can be nerve-racking and obnoxious. It can also be costly if you have to call a plumber often. If you want to see all of the things that are stuck in your sewer drains because of what your kid flushed or sent down a drain, a pipe inspection camera and a sewer inspector can help.

Is Your Business Vulnerable To IT Hacks And Security Problems? What To Do

If you trust that the Internet service provider you are using for your business is secure enough or that they are properly managing your network, it's time to find an IT company for protection. If you have not been using an IT company to make sure that your security is top notch and you think that your business could be at risk, it's time to reach out and make the change.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Static IP

VoIP phone systems can be configured to have either static or dynamic IPs. When VoIP phones have dynamic IPs, a central server will allocate IPs as the phones connect. When VoIP phones have static IPs, a specific IP will always lead to each phone. There are pros and cons to each strategy. The Advantages to a Static IP  Static IPs are often more stable. With dynamic IPs, an interruption in service could lead to an interruption the line, as the handset may requisition a new IP and need to connect with that new IP.